n Sheffield, food delivery drivers are fighting back against one of the giants of the gig economy.

On the 6 December 2021, Stuart Delivery – who are contracted to provide Just Eat’s couriers – made changes to Sheffield drivers’ pay structure. Union reps say this restructuring has cut the base rate of pay by £1.10 per delivery from £4.50 to £3.40, slashing pay by 24 per cent, with some couriers reporting a weekly pay decrease of between £100 to £150. This was despite Stuart making £40 million in revenue in 2020 (doubling their 2019 take) and the company’s CEO getting a staggering 1000 per cent pay rise over the same period, according to the Independent Workers of Great Britain union (IWGB).

Stuart changed the pay for its employees in the rest of the country back in October and November, but had delayed alterations in Sheffield after opposition from drivers there. Khalil Lange, a father-of-three and a delivery driver in Sheffield, says: “Where normally I would make between £80 to £120 a day, I’m now making £50 or £60 […] I haven’t paid any of my bills and it’s hard times right now, but we know we have to go through hard times to win.”

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