Globalisation and Social Policy

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Welfare, the Welfare State and Social Policy

She dared to meddle

Perkins: her 12 years as Secretary for Labour is a record: it took American women 50 years to match her tenure between them. Tom Levitt introduces his book on the life

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The launch pad

Stewart Lansley asks if it is finally time for a guaranteed income floor,  a form of progressive basic income that would build social resilience, opportunity and choice in an increasingly fragile and divided

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A man and his wife

Gunnar Myrdal shared his Nobel Prize with an arch rival. Meanwhile his Nobel Prize-winning wife enjoyed less recognition. André Pedersen Ystehede and Stefan Kesting tell the story of a quest for peace,

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The Economics of Social Policy

All together. How?

If the way out of climate crisis requires a world that works together, can economics and markets provide the direction? Şerban Scrieciu reflects. Two globally significant events this year have

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Bring out the Best

Governments using regulators and other institutions to stick-and-carrot people into acting for the common good is not the way to deliver policy. Henry Leveson-Gower shares his discovery of a more

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Health economics: a prognosis

Is established thinking in economics up to the challenges presented by healthcare provision? Geoffrey M. Hodgson conducts and examination. “Health economics would seem to be a perfect topic for heterodox

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Welfare State Design and Comparison

Handle with care

John Seddon believes in the importance of good services to the public, particularly in providing care. He has been working with organisations in many sectors to help their leaders understand

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Holding it all together

Isaac Stanley explains why care is infrastructure. Biden’s much-discussed Infrastructure Bill eventually passed into law in October in the US. This followed extensive political wrangling between different wings of the

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Hearty laughter

Dr Julian Abel tracks the emotional way to good health. England is about to undergo another reorganisation of health and social care by integrating the two. Theoretically, this should make

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Neo expressionism?

Ann Pettifor’s energy and analysis is currently focused on the state of the international financial system. The Mint caught up with her to get her sketch of its direction of

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Blowing the house down

Alexander Tziamalis and Yuan Wang point to sources behind ballooning inflation. The bad news: inflation is back in the public spotlight these days and rightly so. Inflation has kept on

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A view from the top

Helena Norberg-Hodge has campaigned for decades to challenge the forces of globalisation and develop local economies with ecological diversity and caring relationships. A life’s work was formed out of a

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The biggest issue

Professor Jane D’Arista’s broad and deep expertise spans monetary policy and regulation.  Rick Rowden asked her some large-scale questions about the global economy for The Mint. The Mint:      What are your

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Chinese walls are invisible

German economist and erstwhile policy adviser, Wolfram Elsner, has just published a book, The Chinese Century after researching and teaching in China for almost a decade. When he started out, he

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Social dumping and the Sweatshop Debate

Selling the circular

Thinking out of the box: currently, retail is largely about mass, transactional relationships. Can business ever be good? Henry Leveson-Gower explores. A year ago I was on the hunt for examples

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All is revealed

Alessandra Mezzadri explains how productivity barely covers anything in fast-fashion prices. In April this year, the UK multi-channel retail brand Missguided advertised the sale of a £1 bikini. It was

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Cross-border mobility, platform work & social protection

Workers byte back

Cross-border brands feel the heat from digitally organised labour. Grazia Ietto-Gillies  explains. In 2014 the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) declared that in some 43 labour disputes filed since

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Bots and bell ringing

Richard Baldwin is a leading international expert and author on globalisation. In his most recent book, he writes about the coming age of “globotics”, an even more intense globalisation plus

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A hole in the heart

Grazia Ietto-Gillies has spent her career as an economist seeking to fill a crucial gap: the exclusion of transnational corporations into economic thinking.  And this gap is not a small

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Integration of migrants & ethnic discrimination

Smash and grab

Ruben Andersson and David Keen are academic investigators seeking to understand what they see as a conundrum:  How come politicians and their collaborators are able to pursue for so long,

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A hole in the wall

Cesar Rodriquez is one of the so-called dreamers, whose future status in the US has become caught up in the current political drama. He was brought from Mexico to the

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