Edexcel Economics A

The Mint Magazine covers a wide range of topics that align with the A Level/IB syllabus enriching student learning by offering different perspectives that build the critical capacity of students. Below we have sought to illustrate this by matching recent articles, columns, reviews and interviews against the topics in the Edexcel Economics A syllabus.  

We have also given a word or phrase you can use to search for more relevant material for each topic, including news items.

Theme 1 - Introduction to Markets and Market Failure

Nature of Economics

Understanding economics as a social science, what the economic problem is and the economic rationale.  Use search term ‘economics’ for more.

Step one

Joris Tieleman and Sam de Muijnck, relatively veteran Rethinking Economics activists, have just produced a guide to economics curriculum design: Economy Studies: A Guide to Rethinking Economics Education.   The Mint

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Left wanting

Review by Guy Dauncey of Economics and the Left: Interviews with Progressive Economists, edited by  C.J. Polychroniou (2021). As we begin 2022, way too many people are looking at the

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Bad grammar?

British academic, and ecological economist, based in Vienna, Clive Spash, was one of the few expert voices who openly and scathingly criticised the recent Dasgupta Review.  The  600-page review by

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How Markets Work

How do the demand and supply forces work in tandem? How are prices determined? Do all consumers behave the same way?  Use search term ‘markets’ for more.

Holding it all together

Isaac Stanley explains why care is infrastructure. Biden’s much-discussed Infrastructure Bill eventually passed into law in October in the US. This followed extensive political wrangling between different wings of the

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Off the scale

Locally grown food is growing. Can data help plough the furrow? By Lynne Davis 2020 was a year like no other, but for those of us working in community-led food

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Market Failure

What happens when things don’t go to plan… what causes these issues and why, and what the implications may be. Use search term ‘market failure’ for more.

Who will save the world?

Raj Thamotheram is, in theory, betting on pension funds. Covid has transformed global politics and the Omicron variant has caused markets to tumble. Meanwhile COP26 failed to address, adequately, the

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Government Intervention

How may governments intervene? What policies are implemented on the national level? What to do when governments go wrong? Use search term ‘regulation’ for more.

Deforestation: the route away

Without robust due diligence, financial institutions will continue to fund soy-driven deforestation. By Daniel Jones. Late last year, the UK government announced “world-leading new measures” to protect rainforests. Enshrined in

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Democratically digital

Internet access has been a lifeline during the Covid pandemic.  Miriam Brett argues it is too important to remain in the hands of private sector interests. An invisible lifeform has

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Theme 2 - The UK Economy - Performance and Policies

Measures of Economic Performance

Is GDP the only way to measure growth? What factors are missed out in economic calculations? Are there better alternatives to measure a country’s performance? Use search term ‘measures of economic performance’ for more.

Why we should abandon GDP

Gross Domestic Product is the most popular and useless quantity in economics say Erald Kolasi and Blair Fix. For all that it purports to say, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fails

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Here We Go

Incheon towards the future: the city hosted 3,000 people for the 6th Wellbeing Forum. There is an international group of government officials labouring to make life better for people. Wellbeing

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The human touch

There is a world of innovation and entrepreneurism where the bottom line is the last thing that matters. René Kemp tells. We live in a world of marketisation with its

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Aggregate Demand and Supply

How do the levers of consumption, investment, government expenditure and net trade work? How does the government look to build capacity?  Use search term ‘aggregate demand and supply’ for more.

Constructive argument

‘Building back better’ is all well and good but, ask Kate Bayliss, Ben Bowles and Elisa Van Waeyenberge, better for whom?   Investment in infrastructure is a major part of the

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Pot look

Problems with pensions exhibit the same concerns that drive our inability to tackle the environmental crisis and other great societal issues. We need to recognise uncomfortable truths and meaningfully support

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Home Truths

Government spending that is not investment is like continual partying and drinking. Tanweer Ali tells how austerity was sold as common sense. In the early days of David Cameron’s coalition

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National Income

What are impacts of injections and withdrawals in the circular flow of income? How does saving and spending differ across socioeconomic strata? Use search term ‘national income’ for more.

Democratically digital

Internet access has been a lifeline during the Covid pandemic.  Miriam Brett argues it is too important to remain in the hands of private sector interests. An invisible lifeform has

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The only way out

Post-war reconstruction involved taxing the richest – it could help with building a low-carbon economy according to Dario Kenner. Amid the worst public health crisis in a generation, an economic disaster has

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Economic Growth

What determines growth? How does an economy build (back better) and maintain itself? What impacts does this have on stakeholders and their living standards? Use search term ‘economic growth’ for more.

The growing realisation

Tim Jackson has just published a new book, Post Growth – Life After Capitalism, examining our disastrous obsession with growth in a finite world and how we might escape it. 

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The point of no return

The disintegration of growth is irreversible. Roxana Bobulescu explains. I was born in Romania in 1972 when the country was a socialist republic. It was the year of the Meadows

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Macroeconomic Objectives and Policies

What policies does the government consider during a boom, a recession, in protecting the environment, in achieving a more equitable distribution of income? How does the government learn from its mistakes? Use search term ‘macroeconomic objectives and policy’ for more.

Neo-expressionism – transcript

The Mint:                     Good afternoon, Ann. And it’s a pleasure to have you on again here, talking to The Mint. Ann Pettifor:                 Thank you ever so much, Henry. It’s an honour

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Theme 3 - Business Behaviour and the Labour Market

Business Growth and Objectives

Do business always look at profit maximisation? How firms scale, whether they are private or public, to merge or divest, customer loyalty, regulation and shareholders versus stakeholders are all other factors that are taken into account to consider why some businesses decide to grow while others decide to stay small… Use search term ‘business growth and objectives’ and/or ‘stakeholder economy’ for more.

The troubles with peace

Brendan Murtagh tells how in the face of inadequate investment there is potential in the poorest communities in Northern Ireland’s capital to share the economic benefits of peace.  Despite recent

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Out of our heads

Lindsey Hall tells of the ideas behind Real Ideas. Since we founded Real Ideas fourteen years ago, we have worked with all kinds of ideas – big concepts, quirky thoughts,

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Revenues, Costs and Profits

How much can a business compromise to survive in the market, who reaps the benefits in the short- and long-term? Use search term ‘revenues-costs-profits’ or ‘stakeholder economy’ for more.

Selling the circular

Thinking out of the box: currently, retail is largely about mass, transactional relationships. Can business ever be good? Henry Leveson-Gower explores. A year ago I was on the hunt for examples

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Life in the cross hairs

Being a good corporate citizen comes with risks. Andrew Black tells the tale of a close escape. For corporates that have medium-term planning regimes, taking seriously the considerable challenges posed

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The right chemistry

“Do we have anything for a serious case of chronic CEO?” Boots was the most trusted brand for decades – Victorian values and all. Now it has slipped down the

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Market Structures

In what markets do firms compete? How are these markets regulated? Is it better or worse to compete or collaborate with each other? Use search term ‘competition’  for more.

Big guy for the little guy

Tim Cowen is a campaigning barrister representing small businesses against the dominant players in digital. The Mint heard from him about the new international coordination of anti-trust action against the

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Taking sides

Nicholas Gruen questions the value of competition and proposes a new frontier for political and economic reform. Since Adam Smith, economists have marvelled at competition’s capacity to improve our world

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Labour Market

What causes demand and supply for labour? Which industries are more competitive? What factors cause barriers in entering the marketplace? How are wages determined between and within regions? Use search term ‘labour market’ for more.

A change of key

How can we make work in the post-pandemic world work for us? Richard McNeill Douglas plays with some ideas. Covid has not been the only pandemic we have had to

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Someone’s got to do it

It seems that actually only fools, horses and men work. Perhaps it’s time to recruit elsewhere. Frances Coppola looks at the “Situations Vacant”. A woman’s work, we are told, is

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The K in recovery

A post-Covid divergence in fortunes is leaving women in the trailing leg. Selvin Kwong reports.  Jenny is one of many women who lost their jobs or had their hours reduced

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Theme 4 - A Global Perspective

International Economics

Exploring globalisation, international trade and patterns in trade over time. What bodies regulate trade, what advantages do trading blocs have and how do countries remain internationally attractive? Use the search term ‘international economics’ for more.

Neo-expressionism – transcript

The Mint:                     Good afternoon, Ann. And it’s a pleasure to have you on again here, talking to The Mint. Ann Pettifor:                 Thank you ever so much, Henry. It’s an honour

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Poverty and Inequality

What causes poverty and inequality within and between developing and developed economies? How has capitalism played a role in paving the path?  Use search term ‘inequality’ for more.

Dearth and taxes

Paul Frijters suggests it’s time to stop relying on accounting to get the rich and powerful to pay their dues. The Romans extracted tributes from their provinces, such as regular

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Gap analysis

A woman’s work: “Producing well-socialised human beings, who collectively are often referred to as the labour supply.” Jennifer Cohen explains why there are no such things as women’s economic issues.

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Emerging and Developing Economics

What are the dimensions of development, how is development different to growth? What factors and strategies influence growth and development? Use the search term ‘developing countries’ for more.

Sovereign states on a leash

Foreign investment: Rick Rowden recounts the tale of who’s wagging the dog.   When Mexico adopted a tax on high-fructose corn syrup as part of an effort to address the

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Plumbers and pedagogues

Does development always eliminate gender discrimincation? Naila Kabeer scrutinises the thinking behind the recent Nobel prize-winning methodology in development economics. The 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to three

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Hardcore Peripheries

Ingrid Kvangraven, Farwa Sial and Carolina Alves explore the relevance of dependency theory today. Why are some countries rich and some poor? Why is it difficult – seemingly impossible –

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The Financial Sector

What are the role of financial markets? How do central banks play a role and what does market failure look like in the financial sector? Use the search term ‘finance’ for more.

Farming carbon

Dr Mandy Stoker tells how captured carbon is neither black gold nor a guaranteed green deal. The 5,000 trees we planted seven years ago are bursting into leaf. They have

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Roadblock or drive-through?

Canada’s bid to protect its democracy by corralling informal funding groups could have unintended outcomes counter to its aims. James Patriquin and Caroline Shenaz Hossein explain. Between 28 January and

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David never beats Goliath

The economic impact of war in Ukraine will tighten the screw on people who have endured assault for decades under a lauded financial regime, says Grimot Nane. Russia’s invasion of

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Role of the State in the Macroeconomy

How does the government manage its finances in different economic conditions? How do international actors play a role? Use search terms ‘central banking’ and/or ‘austerity’ for more.

Central concerns

In his book, Building a Better world for All, former governor of The Bank of England  Mark Carney,  looks at value beyond dollars and demands your attention.  Review by Guy

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Lose change 

There’s a digital revolution in money on the way. Barry James reports. A major new disruption to global monetary systems, perhaps the greatest yet, is moving in fast from left

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