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In a series of in-depth interviews with leading economists and policy-makers from different schools including Austrian, Monetarist, New-Keynesian, Post-Keynesian, Modern Monetary Theory, Marxist and Institutionalist, this intriguing book sheds light upon the behaviour of economists and the sociology of the economics profession by enabling economists to express their views on a wide range of issues. 
Exploring why the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis did not pave the way for an uptake in heterodox economic approaches, these key thinkers consider why mainstream economics still reigns supreme and explore whether an alternative approach can be developed to rival it. The most important issues facing the discipline are addressed, and the book offers a particular focus upon the extent to which radical economists can work together to provide a genuine alternative to orthodoxy.
The analytical responses to important questions posed to each interviewee make this a critical read for practising economists both inside and outside of academia. It will also be a thought-provoking book for economics students focusing both on orthodox and heterodox viewpoints, as it offers important insights to the nuances between a vast range of different schools of thought.

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