Argentina’s gig workers are rallying against regulation — and supporting the libertarian candidate

  • Activist gig workers are handing out ballots and campaign materials as part of their delivery runs.
  • The incumbent party has introduced a bill to classify gig workers as employees, stoking concerns over restricted working hours.

From Monday to Sunday, Francisco Jiménez starts his workday by getting his gear ready: bike helmet, jacket, a charged phone, and his insulated PedidosYa or Rappi delivery bag. But for the past week, the 30-year-old delivery rider has also brought with him stacks of flyers, stickers, and other campaign materials. While he’s making deliveries, he’s also stumping for Javier Milei and Ramiro Marra, the far-right libertarian La Libertad Avanza (Freedom Advances) candidates for the presidency of Argentina and the Buenos Aires mayorship, respectively.

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