It is eleven o’clock in the morning at the Madrid headquarters of the Renta 4 bank and a group of eight young people from various countries are typing away concentrated in front of their screens. Some are industrial or aeronautical engineers, others mathematicians or have a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. They are the team chosen by the bank to create new AI (artificial intelligence) tools, the technology that seems set to revolutionize everything. Investment, too. “With four clicks, clients have access to a series of analyses with millions of calculations behind them, and it gives them the best fund options,” explained Celso Otero, who leads the team.

A test on their website allows you to check how these intelligent digital advisors work: you choose a sector among finance, technology, energy or water; you enter the amount to invest with a minimum of 5,000 euros; and the most recommended funds appear in order according to profitability, risk, or a mixture of both. You can accept the suggestion or not, but the artificial intelligence, without the need for human intervention, has already done its job: to show the options with the highest probability of success.

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