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The Outsider is a hedge fund investor and financial entrepreneur from a working class background in North East Scotland.

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Biden: his time

The US is lusty and demanding for the future. But can it keep it up? The good news is that Biden, so far, is not your typical machine Democrat who

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Ongoing, massive Ttrump

  Maybe Trump TV will troll Biden nightly and present endless “I was robbed,” conspiracy theories on the 2020 election. Alternatively, reports suggest Trump will start Trump 2024 on inauguration

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Defunding the past

The time has come to pucker up and give Trump a kiss. Our collective sanity is being assailed by an unrelenting locust-swarm media and the groaning end of a socioeconomic

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Banking off road

Don’t consult the map while making a handbrake turn. What an unreality of a year so far. Society has done a handbrake turn and we are hurtling in an unmapped

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