Nigella Vigoroso-Heck

Nigella heads up an economics department in a leading independent school. (S)he uses a pseudonym to avoid offence or embarrassment.

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Silver linings

Silver linings Nigella Vigoroso-Heck looks forward to perfection “So.  Here we are.  The end of term. I have been truly humbled by the amount of work that you have put

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The class divide

Nigella Vigoroso-Heck asks: if Eton can do it why can’t my local comp? It has been 14 weeks since we closed the school gates. In that time I have: conducted

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Spine of the times

Read is not dead. Nigella Vigorosso-Heck sees demand for pages keep on turning. We live in an age where any A Level student can access all the information they could

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Proper gander

Girls are low in numbers. Nigella Vigorosso-Heck demands a recount. Last month the Economist magazine published an article entitled Sample Bias. It argued that women – and particularly schoolgirls –

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How to stop the brain drain

Nigella Vigoroso-Heck has an idea. It’s really hard to fuck up a lesson on Game Theory. Even the most didactic teacher would find it difficult not to let his students

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