Henry Leveson-Gower

Henry is the founder and CEO of Promoting Economic Pluralism as well as editor of The Mint Magazine. He has been a practising economist contributing to environmental policy for 25 odd years. He has always sought to take a pluralist approach to economics since first coming into contact with standard economics in the early 90s following a degree in Philosophy.

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Whose news?

So COP27 is in November.  Last year the build-up seemed huge for the last international climate conference in Glasgow, COP26.  This time; not so much.   But is that my UK

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The 70s? Not again.

If you remember the 70s then you weren’t there. That was the oft-cited summary of the time as shrouded in a narcotic haze. I, however, do remember the 70s quite

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Ground control

Control of land has been a key driver of wealth, power and conflict for most of human history.  The industrial revolution changed all that as power shifted from landowners to

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Having it all

Could private funding actually benefit nature? Henry Leveson-Gower proposes a cooperative approach. Since the 80s environmental economists have been putting monetary values on nature so they get “counted”. Now they

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Enlightenment goes viral

I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but for one moment let’s imagine there exists a shadowy secret society bent on world betterment… The Society had been increasingly worried.

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Cash crops

Henry Leveson-Gower looks at how local food currencies might bear fruit. Our food system is deeply dysfunctional.  Economic forces drive it to deliver unhealthy food, while trashing the environment so

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