Issue 3 – Sept 2017


The attack on Dodd-Frank

Rick Rowden lays out how Trump, Wall Street and the Republicans in Congress are committed to dismantling financial regulation in the US. While much of the Trump administration’s political agenda

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A model agent

Mainstream economics’ failure to predict the 2008 crash undermined the profession’s public credibility. There’s a new game in town that financial risk guru, Rick Bookstaber, has faith in. He shares

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The Common Touch

Imagine a world where company success was determined by all the good it does. And where polluters of water, air and soil could not get investment. The Mint talks to

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When will they ever learn?

Can we avoid financial instability or has our human nature evolved in such a way that they are inevitable? Clearly Gordon Brown’s endless pronouncements of the end of ‘Boom and

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A second brush with royalty

Professor Verity Bastion sees little cause to reflect on economic yesteryears and encounters a leading light in the black economy. So it looks like we are going to suffer two

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A future secured

When Mohamed Omar fled the threats that came with the insurgency in Somalia, a lot came with him. The Mint heard his story. Mohamed Omar took a flight from his

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