Reigning Men

Teresa Linzner spoke to people and ran a survey to look into why so few economists were women. There is no reason other than most of them are men.

Quick. Close your eyes and imagine an economist. What is the first image that comes to mind? If you thought of a middle-aged or older, middle-class white man, I can tell you, you are not alone. The Financial Times published findings that showed most people tend to associate economists with exactly that type of man.[1] Or, as my friend and project manager at Philadelphia Youth Network, Samantha Kennedy, puts it: “When you think of economists, you think of a bunch of older, white dudes preaching that free trade is amazing.”

Leaving aside the value-laden free trade comment, age and skin colour for a moment, given figures about female representation in economics, it should come as little surprise that most people imagine the stereotypical economist as being male. A BBC report from October 2017 for example notes that:

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Teresa Linzner

Teresa is an experienced researcher with an academic background in both Economics and Philosophy. She obtained a BSc in Economics and a BA in Philosophy in Vienna before completing an …

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