Beyond the pale?

Lebohang Liepollo Pheko is a South African activist academic who was one of the non-Europeans invited to speak at the recent Beyond Growth conference in the European Parliament. This conference has been seen as a major milestone in the journey from the fringes of post-growth ideas and a key opportunity to challenge the so-called Green Growth agenda.

The Mint talked to Liepollo to get a perspective from the Global South on what can be seen as very much a Global North aspiration. She started by saying her low expectations had been more than justified and went from there.

Her viewpoint may be challenging but The Mint thinks it needs to be heard and understood. This was originally designed to be a three-way conversation including a leading European environmental activist also involved in the conference but after the discussion he withdrew his consent for his contributions to be published so was edited out.  Do listen and make your own mind up.

You can read the transcript here.

Lebohang Liepollo Pheko

Lebohang is an activist scholar, public intellectual, development practitioner for over 25 years. Her  broad research Interests  include  Afrikan political economy, States and nationhood, international trade & global financial governance …

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