Towards nine billion – humanity is a shared endeavour

The number of people in the world is set to grow to more than nine billion by 2050. Joss Tantram asks what kind of world do we want for them.

Rather than seeing a growing population as a fundamental threat, might we rather see it as a global opportunity of epic proportions? To do that we need new concepts of economic and social success. Our current economic models, with conceptual roots dating back centuries, were not designed to deal with the universal challenges presented by resource scarcity, population growth, globalisation and the decline of natural systems.

Dominant global approaches to assessing and pricing what is valuable are no longer fit for purpose. The scale of economic externalities which have arisen represent an existential threat to the continuing function of our economic system, our social stability and the health of our planetary home.

In the light of such threats current industrial processes are increasingly recognised as unfit for meeting the demands of the majority of the Earth’s current seven billion people, let alone the expected rise in population numbers.

If we are to sustain and thrive together as a species we need to imagine and deliver new ways of meeting our needs and desires.

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Joss Tantram

Joss Tantram is an expert in sustainable strategy, reporting and management, with 20 years’ experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors in the UK, Europe and world-wide. Joss leads Terrafiniti’s …

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