ASOS and Serco were among six companies across finance, outsourcing, retail, real estate, mining and pharmaceuticals who made £16 billion in excess profits during the pandemic.

Our new report “Pandemic Profits: who’s cashing in during covid” shows that a number of companies saw their global profits leap during the last 18 months. The profits of one company, the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, were up 801% compared to previous years.

The report argues that these companies are examples of a broader trend where some companies benefited from government pandemic spending, while others were well placed to profit from economic changes that have been accelerated by covid. 

The covid pandemic has been unprecedented in its impact. Not only did it cause a recession that saw the wealthiest grow richer, whilst others struggled, it also resulted in some companies making what appear to be unprecedented profits. 

The report argues in favour of a tax system that supports a fair recovery and keeps up with the economic changes accelerated by the pandemic. 

Read the full article here at Tax Justice UK

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