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The Outsider is a hedge fund investor and financial entrepreneur from a working class background in North East Scotland.

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Defunding the past

The time has come to pucker up and give Trump a kiss. Our collective sanity is being assailed by an unrelenting locust-swarm media and the groaning end of a socioeconomic

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Banking off road

Don’t consult the map while making a handbrake turn. What an unreality of a year so far. Society has done a handbrake turn and we are hurtling in an unmapped

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Own back

“Each billionaire evidences our great success and failure.” Discuss. Extreme inequality doesn’t jive well with democracy, liberty and progress. Nor does revenge and retrospective action. Both extremes run the risk

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Credit Where Credit’s Due

Who gets to borrow at a fair rate is a pernicious inequality. It’s funny how, despite overt concerns, affluent people always find ways to keep the poor apart from them: 

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Fuck You

How do you win the votes of the duckers, divers and the insecure? I live in affluent West London and ran my own hedge fund business that profited from seeing

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