Henry Leveson-Gower

Henry is the founder and CEO of Promoting Economic Pluralism as well as editor of The Mint Magazine. He has been a practising economist contributing to environmental policy for 25 odd years. He has always sought to take a pluralist approach to economics since first coming into contact with standard economics in the early 90s following a degree in Philosophy.

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The gravity of the situation

I grew up in the 70s in a world where there was a sense of expanding progress.  The great wars were behind us and even when Thatcher/Reagan pushed dog-eat-dog neoliberalism

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Take heart

Challenging the Econocrats – those  people who use mainstream economic thinking to define political debate –  is not for the faint-hearted.  Their failure to even envisage the possibility of the

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Out of the way

So what has happened since we published our last issue in December 2020 on the power of the patriarchy?  For a start, we are out of the pandemic, these issues

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Growth misgivings

It is taken as a given that unless political parties of whatever stripe promise growth, they are dead in the water.  Even within the green movement, anyone seeking to influence

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Small print writ large

Welcome to our 25th issue which is quite a milestone for us.  Given that our mission is to open up thinking on economics it’s probably no surprise that our theme

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Nobbled in a noble cause

How we became prize fighters. Henry Leveson-Gower recounts. I was going through my mail (the paper stuff) some months ago when I was a little shocked to open a letter

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