Bonn, 12th June 2023: The globally-agreed mission to curtail climate change will be impossible unless national & sub-national governments and the largest companies urgently strengthen their targets, reports the Net Zero Tracker (NZT)’s annual Net Zero Stocktake.

In the last 2.5 years a clear consensus to curtail GHG emissions to net zero has been reached, with the bulk of national governments setting commitments. National net zero targets now collectively represent:

  • 88% of global GHG emissions (up from 61% in December 2020).

  • 92% of global GDP (up from 68% in December 2020).

  • 89% of the global population (up from 52% in December 2020).

The analysis shows that a significant share of subnational and corporate entities, both at the global level and within the G7, still lack any emission reduction targets. The quantity of cities, states and regions committing to net zero is increasing, but only incrementally.

Click for the full article at Net Zero Tracker

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