Festival for Change Challenge…. and the Popular Vote Winner is…

.......... Bottle Economy. Find out more about them below.

Our festival responded to big flaws in existing economic models exposed by Covid-19. We wanted young people at the heart of how we build back better – and from 53 great  ideas submitted whittled to 12, we’ve selected four winners.  
Panels of experts chose these finalists as the best  based on the following  criteria:   
  1. Demonstrate original practical thinking drawing on diverse perspectives
  2. Respond to changes in the socio, political and economic context post pandemic
  3. Address major issues – e.g. ecological crisis, social fragmentation or economic dysfunction
  4. Communicated with  impact – clear, compelling and creative

Click on the image to find out the details that made them stand out….

The Winner of the Popular Vote

Bottle Economy

a new model to encourage and support local recycling of plastics - and also help the poorest in Bangladesh earn more of a living.

... and the other great finalists


helps local townships and villages in South Africa start their own sustainable businesses while conveniently meeting the needs of the community – by bicycle.

Project Ruhani

A wellbeing programme in schools to help teachers equip students to take care of themselves - socially, emotionally, mentally and with environmental awareness.

Spot On!

fighting the period crisis in tribal areas of Rajasthan – by taking specific action to address the lack of awareness, materials and facilities of this major issue.

Read more about the winning teams....

The weight of numbers

Indian society’s fixation on high scores above all else in education is damaging  children’s mental health, according to Festival for Change challenge finalist, Project Ruhani. Karen Marshall explains. Festival for...

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The shock that planted an idea

Dhaka scavenger, Taslima, was delighted to hear about Project Bottle Economy that will enable her to earn more from her work. A pair of technology students in Bangladesh came up...

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Period pain

Ankit on a community visit: “The womenfolk are mostly aware of sanitary pads but would never think about using them. The stigma is huge.” The return on investment in menstrual...

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Bicycle peddling

Zodwa: “It is extremely important that we create independent ways for the people to make money.” A bicycle tourist business run as an aside has morphed into a potential community...

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…. and you can also hear there what our expert panel (below) thought about each proposal by clicking on the project images above. Click on their photos to find out more about them.

Lalit Kishor Bhati

Lalit is an Architect & Urban Planner promoting system change in Auroville, India.

Lindsey Hall

Lindsey Hall is co-founder and CEO of the Real Ideas Organisation group promoting social enterprises

Henry Leveson-Gower

Founder and CEO of Promoting Economic Pluralism