Verity Bastion

Verity is an emeritus professor of economics now living in a retirement apartment with her husband, Thomas, after a distinguished career. She writes a regular column for The Mint on her reflections on current events and exogenous incidents.

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The nature of the beast

Verity delves into the environmental economics undergrowth.  Our peaceful piece of suburbia is feeling particularly tame at the moment.  A far cry from the perilous encounters to be had in

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Carbon upset

With a revolutionary treatise to write, our good Professor Bastion struggles to warm to green heat. It is chaos here.  It all started when our heating system failed. Now we

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Blade runner 2021

Imaginary friends get real. Things are very exciting in our retirement complex. I had never imagined when Thomas and I moved into this apartment four years ago that we would

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Double parked

Two cars yet nowhere to go. But how did she get where she is? Lockdown has certainly left everyone frazzled.  I have been trying to get on with writing my

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