Verity Bastion

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Verity is an emeritus professor of economics now living in a retirement apartment after a distinguished career with her husband, Thomas. She writes a regular column for The Mint on her reflections on current events and exogenous incidents.

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Double parked

Two cars yet nowhere to go. But how did she get where she is? Lockdown has certainly left everyone frazzled.  I have been trying to get on with writing my

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Hip to the beat

Pride after a fall. I am recuperating at home under Thomas’s care. The book I began a few months ago is on hold. I have little to distract me from

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A shocking trolley

A misplaced piece of supermarket equipment starts a dreadful carry on. I was not going to go for the lockdown fad of starting a new project but I have decided

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Isolated incidents

Thomas attempts to go viral as mass infection brings great opportunities.  I am isolating myself. There’s nothing wrong with me, or Thomas, but others around us are dropping like flies. But,

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Old Wounds

When pride takes a fall it’s the same the world over. After Boris’s election, I caught a little bit of his gung-ho optimism. I began to think it could be

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