Robert Mochrie

Robbie Mochrie completed his first degree at St Andrews University in 1988 before working for the Legal Services Division of Bank of Scotland for three years. He then returned to further study, completing both a masters degree and doctoral studies at the University of Warwick. Upon being awarded his PhD in 1995 for a thesis entitled, “Rules versus Judgements: a Behaviourist Theory of Consumption,” he joined the School of Management as a lecturer in economics.

The focus of his research interests has shifted during his time at Heriot-Watt University. From research into sequential choice among consumers, particularly concerning explanations of brand loyalty and addiction, Dr Mochrie has moved on to work on the reform of the financial sector during transition in Eastern Europe and the continued problems of development in severely indebted low income countries. In addition, he remains interested in problems of epistemology within economics.

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