Mark Harvey

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Mark is Emeritus Professor in Sociology at the University of Essex, and Honorary Professor in Sociology at the Sustainable Consumption Institute, the University of Manchester. He has developed an historical and comparative economic sociology, using a neo-Polanyian approach to economy, society and nature. His research has addressed a wide range of fields, mass production for mass consumption, the genomics revolution, public and private provision of drinking water, the sociogenesis of climate change, and labour markets. Most recently he has analysed regimes of exploitation and inequality, comparing histories of slavery, waged and indentured labour and their legacies in racialized capitalisms. His recent books include Drinking Water: A socio-economic analysis of historical and societal change. 2015. Routledge. London. Inequality and democratic egalitarianism. Marx’s Economy and Beyond and other essays. 2017. Manchester University Press.