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One thing you can be certain of in this most uncertain of elections, is that most candidates will be trying to convince you that their party can deliver growth.  If they feel their audience is environmentally inclined, they may even claim they can deliver green growth. But is green growth as much of a myth as the Loch Ness monster? Many claim sitings, but the evidence is lacking?

In the face of XR’s demand is to ‘tell the truth’, is this where we are most in denial? But could that change? Is the FT’s recent opinion piece, ‘The Myth of Green Growth‘, by one of their own journalists, Simon Kuper, a sign? 

However Kuper asserts that democracies will never chose degrowth even in the face of climate change catastrophe, and almost certain economic and social collapse. Is this true?

Nick Meynen, an environmental activist with the European Environmental Bureau, believes, like Kuper, that green growth is a myth and will present evidence to support that. But he will also show how positive post growth policy thinking is flourishing and reaching parliaments all over Europe, including the European Parliament. So could we also have a positive (de)growth debate in the UK?

Nicky Chambers will respond from her experience and expertise as a consultant seeking to create green growth. 

Following discussion, we will break at 8:30pm for wine, networking and further discussion…

Nick Meynen is a professional environmental activist with as job title “policy officer for environmental and economic justice at the European Environmental Bureau”. He’s also an investigative journalist and author of literary non-fiction books such as the book that both Naomi Klein and Tim Jackson recommended: “Frontlines. Stories of Global Environmental Justice”. His 2010 book on globalization as seen from Nepal, published in Dutch, is still a key reference work for Nepal. Meynen regularly speaks at universities, European institutions, NGOs and on television. He gives media training to political ecologists and ecological economists, and acts as spokesperson for the EnvJustice network. Meynen lives in Leuven, Belgium. 

Nicky Chambers has an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College and has over 30 years experience in the sustainability sector. Having worked inPolicy roles with the CBI and the World Travel and Tourism Council, she founded Best Foot Forward, one of Europe’s first and award winning sustainability consultancy and software providers, working with companies such as Coca-Cola, Tesco, GSK London 2012, IHG and Government. BFF was acquired by Anthesis Consulting in 2013 . Noticing that big business struggles to make the necessary changes to a sustainable world, Nicky has focussed on ‘clean and green’ innovation and entrepreneurship in an attempt to make green growth a reality.


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